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If you need help with typing assignments and administrative services, contact our professionals at Crossroads Business Services. We take pride in offering exceptional services. Our long-time and new customers can attest to our high quality work.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Chandler M., M&A Executive Search, LLC

"I had a chance meeting with Grace when she went out of her way to deliver a check she had received by mistake at her location which was two buildings away from us, enabling us to get it immediately rather than wait for the mailman to redeliver it. At that time she told me she has had a secretarial service for over 20 years and that she had worked with other recruiters and if I needed any services to let her know. From that point on I have utilized her highly literate transcription services often and have always been very satisfied with her efficient, professional typing services in a timely manner of our confidential documents and her attention to detail. She has also been willing to tweak my own documents with her highly developed MS Word abilities and has even shown me a few tricks of the trade to assist our company produce quality work. I can count on her quick turnaround to keep my clients satisfied. I would definitely recommend Crossroads Business Services for your secretarial needs."

Greg A., M&A Executive Search, LLC

"We have used Grace at Crossroads Business Services for several years and highly recommend her transcription services both from audio and digital sources. Grace is professional, timely, and efficient in her transcribing of complicated documents, confidential reports and client reports. We give her an outstanding rating and highest recommendation."

Joseph T., Greybeards, LLC

"I've had the good fortune of working with Grace for a number of years now as she has helped me with a variety of transcription projects. She is professional, accessible, personable and quite proficient and responsible at what she does."

Michael G., Lifecycle Mediation

"I have been working with Grace for several years. I am a Family Mediator/Parenting Consultant. Grace designs and types my brochures and legal decisions. Her professionalism makes me look good. I would highly recommend Grace for all of your typing needs."

Norma R., MD

"I've had Grace Enebo handling my database management, she has updated my addresses and created address labels for all my contacts for many years. I use this for my annual holiday cards. She is very prompt in getting them done and her work is flawless."

Vicki B., M.A., The Resume Specialist

"In over 15 years of working with Grace Enebo, she has always gone above and beyond to ensure outstanding quality, timeliness, and satisfaction for my clients' projects. There is no one more efficient, caring and service oriented! Grace provides each of her clients with personalized attention, creative solutions, and a positive, 'can do' approach. No wonder she is known by all who work with her as the "Amazing Grace."

Gary B., Attorney and Business Consultant

"In the past 20 some years of my business law practice, Grace Enebo of Crossroads Business Services has served as my secretarial service, preparing my correspondence, memos and documents. The work was done very well to mine and my clients' satisfaction. She always was responsive to my frequent urgent need to have some documents finished to meet my deadline. She is a very pleasant person to work with and genuinely wants to be of service and to do excellent work.”

Gary C., Business Sales Service

"Grace has a can-do attitude where nothing appears to be too much trouble. The very fast turnaround was much appreciated to my 'need it yesterday' project. Grace was also confident about being able to undertake what I thought were fairly difficult projects. Grace has excellent timely communications at every stage of the project. The final product was professionally presented in appearance and quality. Keep up the good work."

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The long history of our company says a lot about our commitment to providing quality documents. Let us assist you with your business needs. Call (952) 525-2020 to inquire about our services.